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Maps based in Asia.

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  1. Goal: Sparsely populated and murderous terrain.
    Could railroads have turned it into a modern country?
    You've got 25 years to try:
    For Bronze, connect Kabul and Herat and haul 8 loads between them.
    For Silver, also haul at least 100 loads of goods, and have a company value of 15 Million.
    For Gold, in addition to the above you'll need a company value of 25 million and a personal net worth of 35 Million.
    Author's Comments: Inspired by current events.
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  2. Goal: The English Empire has dominated India. As leader of France, you need to extend French interests in India. Use the rails to gain popular support from local leaders and undermine English power by 1905!
    Author's Comments: Note: this was one of the original campaign maps from Railroad Tycoon II (campaign pt. 13 - "Croissants or Crumpets", #13cro~1.map)
    1) removed the "CampaignChoice1To3=" and "CampaignDifficulty1To3=" events
    2) removed the "IndustryInvestments" part of the goals... it just wouldn't work in a stand-alone unless you have people set up their game exactly, in the Custom section.
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  3. Goal: World War II has ended. But the rebuilding in the Soviet Union has just begun. Reestablish the Trans-Siberian railway and get the raw materials of the Altai mountains into the hands of Soviet industry.
    Author's Comments: PopTop's scenario "trans-siberian.mp2" (adapted from campaign part #5), saved as a stand-alone scenario.
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