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The Carnage near Fichermorit!

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hey everyone! I am doing another zombie fic. This one is set right after the french victory at the battle of waterloo. Napoleon swinged and crushed the british right flank, as the brits rushed over units to stem the flow of french units, nay and the imperial guard launched a attack on Wellingtons center. By the time the prussians arrived, the brits had fled to

E'Glis de Braine I Alued.

The Prussian army met with the entire french army, and found it self over whelmed by the now exuberant French. The British re army is re forming at E'Glis de Braine I Alued.

Napoleon begins the long march their,ordering all of his units to march and once and for all crush Wellingtons anglo allied army.

A messenger arrives just as he is leaving and tells him that a strangler brigade of the prussian army has arrived near Fichermorit.

Napoleon orders General Petit to march with the legendary 2nd bn 1st grenadiers(Grognards) to crush them and any reforming Prussians.

He also allows Petit to take Marions Battery Imperial Guard as assistance.

The march would be long and hard and the horrors that would await them would strike fear into even the hardest of the Old Guard.


Historical Accuracy

Authentic Units, And locations.

Authentic weapons and military tactics.

Coming soon!(within a few days this is going to take a bit to write lots of research)

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