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Help me please....... -Story BTW-

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*****Message to base camp********

Come in base camp. Come in? This is Johnison, please. Help me please........

*****End transmission************

Johnison, turned around from the radio, he looked across the bare room that was part of the Research station. He had to get out, He had to tell the world of what happened. He blew into his hands and looked at the sealed door, silently hoping it would stay that way. He turned to the window and looked out into the stormy sky. 'No-one will ever find me' he thought. He looked solemn as he turned the radio on and send out another message. He left it on 'recieve' and sat with his back to the wall, trying to sleep, trying to forget the horrors. They would not leave his mind. They tormented every part of his soul. He needed to get out, to escape this prison. He slowly fell to sleep, hoping it was all a dream.

*Bang*, it came again. Johnison look up through his weiry eyes. *Bang*, he woke with a start. 'What had happened?' *Bang*, this time louder. He looked to the door. The door was nearly off its hinges. He quickly got to his feet. He did not know what to do. He ran towards the air-lock to the cold outside, he tried the latch, it was rusted and locked. He cursed and tried the other door on the other side of the room. He punched in his code, 199782. 199782. The door shattered with a large crash. Johnison hesitated. 199782. 'Damn'. His last thought.

(yeah i know, not brilliant but please put comments in the comments thread.)

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