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The Age of Corruption

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The year is 3024. Earth is over-populated and corrupted,with several mysterious organzations running the world. There have been many riots,which have been suppressed brutally.Many buildings have been destroyed from riots and terrorst attacks.Rubble litters the streets.During the day,the sky is always foggy,and gangsters and mobsters fight daily in dark alleyways for 10 feet of turf.You play a_character_you_have_made_up and work for mob bosses trying to topple the organizations...and rule the world for themselves.And now,its only a matter of survival....

Make up a character and try to make it as entensiveas you can!

.:Rules and Regs:.

1.No killing another person's character without their permission.

2.No infinite lives,ammo,armor,etc.

3.You can't find a tank in the street.(Actually,you can,but not TOO many times)

4.You can't win every battle you fight against the organization's soldiers.

5.You can't just go and infiltrate an organization HQ ike that.

6.If you own a mob/gang, no more than 6,000 members.

7.Follow all rules.If you don't,you will be banned from the thread for 3 days.

8.Have fun!

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