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when was dune discovered

Emperor Harkonnen

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Is that mentioned in any of the books??

I know that it is at least older than 2000 B.G., because Selim found the testing station or something in the desert which he said was like 2000 years old. When would you guys guess? (cus I am making an animation movie about some stuff about that, and just need a year)

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hehe, well I won't say too much since I am not really sure how to make it...I did once try to make a dune animation movie, I made like 2 or 3 minutes then quit...I still got it. thought I'd make a new now

and dune is about 25000 years into the future. Butlerian Jihad is about 15.000 years into the future and Dune is 10.000 yaers after

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