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The Shadows Of Humanity


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In A Attempt To Get The Dieing FF Forum Back Up:

In the year 13,456 humanity had spread widly throughout the universe setting up new goverments on new planets, thus it was no longer country vs country but planet vs planet. Humanity quickly tryed to grasp peace and they set up a Emperor to lead them. The Zalack empire was the largest, most powerful force in the universe that held peace together.

Though peace was beginning in outer space and it looked like the animal instinct for combat was finally dealt with for good, the Emperor thinking the faction Gutang dealed with giving other planets weapons capable to destroying entire planets and biological weapons soon moved in a large force and began nuking away at the solar system. Unfortunaly this put the rest of the forces into a Imperilistic rage and weapons of mass destruction flew back and forth between every planet. Entire planets and solar systems were destroyed, earth was anhilated by many nuclear warheads andthe rest of that solar system left to fall.

When the dust cleared, humanity itself almost found itself extinct. Only a few people representing the lost Houses of the Empires remain to stand and slowly rebuild their once buetiful empires. Though every planet fully recoved from the blasts of the many weapons all communication was cut and each and every planet believed their remaining populace was the last of the brute like human race...


- Make your own faction, but remember there can be a max of 2,500 people left for it and you must display birth rates, population growth, minerals fields located etc every once in awhile to keep us all up to date.

- No Mass destruction weapons aka bio, nuke, lasers, space based etc etc...

- No god modding

- Ships take awhile to travel, 3 posts to travel 4 galaxys.

- The space ships are huge and take awhile to build so be mindful.

- Colonizing other planets takes atleast 3 posts.

- No massing of ships and them repearing the same post, I.E G.M'ing travel....

- Enjoy! :)

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