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Wallach chapter house


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"Mother Shantie Magrita Slone..."


"Wake up Slone..."

Her eyes opened, dim at first but then wide open. She wipped away the haze with her hands and looked up at the person who spoke. It had to be Jahana, Slone recognized the voice.

" Jahana? How could that be you? Come closer so I can see you."

Jahana walked from the shadows that were created from the window light. Finally in to full view.

"Great mother it is you! How, how... can you be here?

Jahana laughed

"Ahh dear Slone you were always so mellow dramatic. Dont ask why, just listen. Our kind is to suffer greatly by this beast Leto II. You must save the works of the chapter house. Leto will not suspect you to save them.  Somehow I know I am out of body. I dont have anywhere else to go. I dont know myself how I can exist,  but I do, somewhere in the void... Do what I have said. I will always  be watching over from the void. Never  let this be known to anybody. Our cast  is superficial  and no longer believes what it used to believe. Find the ridulan crystals that are most important and place them far away. Remember, far away. You remember where we found that one planetoid? Its a stones throw away from Beta Sigmus. Oh... I wish it didnt have to be like this but I must leave... I learned something in the void. something I never have told you and want you to always keep hidden. I love you..."

Jahana I love you t.  

Her figure suddenly vanished and left Slone wondering if what she saw was actually real.  She had the computer in her room replay the conversation. Her voice was as clear as daylight!

"So... At least I am not nuts... Why me though. What the hell am I supposed to do. I am not important.

Slone sighed as she deleted the conversation and any other evidance of what just happened. Dressed and began to make plans to take the sacred knowedge to a safe place that she remembered.  Jahana said it would be important in the future.  Slone thought

As she sat on the chair-dog she slouched back a tear rolled down her eye. Great goddess emotions! I have to controll myself before I make any move outside. She meditated to clense the mind and before leaving her quarters she whispered  "I love you too jahana"

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"So... answer this Mother Shantie. What were you doing with these crystals in the Flanagin province?

Do I have to search your thoughts? will this require a full search of the wallach chapter house?"

Leto sat back down on his throne, He was in his 20s and the stillsuit-like sandtrout armor pulsed with curiosity.

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