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a parable of what happened many ages ago.


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The Spear and The Lamb

 "Through the times and seasons I have seen your evil. You are found wanting and deserve to die." Said the Arbitor as

he lifted his spear to gouge the guilty man's innards. "I could not stop myself from sins. I am found wanting and ask for forgiveness.

Truly you are reasonable. I cannot be perfect. Forgive me for my transgressions. I beg of you!" as the Arbitor threw the spear, he cried out in rage against the evil man. Out of the nebulous mists came a lamb. It charged and leaped. The spear sank through the soft flesh of the spotless animal. As it lay bleeding, its last words were spoken from the horn-shaped mouth. "My Father, I forgave this man. He is my own possesion. I take these sins from the man as I die here. May the two of you be joined by my blood." The Arbitor cried out in anguish as he saw his own son, the lamb, die. The blood ran through his snow-white fleece. The arbitor, with tears in his eyes, took the lamb in his hands and lifted it towards the heavens. light struck the carcass. Brilliance that was impossible to view. When it subsided, a creature of pure beauty took the place of the bloody lamb. It was the incarnate son! "Father, this sinful man is forgiven because I took the sins on myself. Though in flesh he goes to and fro, finding evil pleasures, all of the sin he commited was taken away by the spear through my heart. Accept him as a child and let him be my love for eternity." After these words, the poor man too transfigured. No longer was he a poor lowely man. He became perfect just like chirst. "Praise you Son! I am forgiven through your death! I no longer know death because your death took the place of my spiritual demise. I am yours forever." the now transfigured man took the Son's hand and looked into the Arbitors eyes with humble love.

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