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navigator dance


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Creos entered the the core of the globe-like heighliner. Within minutes three others came in with him. laser-projectors were at full charge and the sphere that was in the center of the core was pulsed by the red beams. Suddenly Creos spoke. "All People to your seats. Calculations are beggining." After a while the navigators started moving in a specific dance. floating in the watery spice laced soup. swimming around the globe, manipulating the lasers. "Turn on the wave". With this a holtzman wave hit the ball in the center of the sphere. The four navigators entered their spice trance and began altering the ball in all different directions. compensating for the wave and lasers. It was like an aquatic ballet. Each move precise like it was choreographed. THe ball always being hit by the projectors. one mistake in moving the ball would mean complete seperation from the void. This continued for hours upon hours. The meditation of the navigators kept them strong enough to play this game with space-time. The ball was constantly being moved and corrected based on the calculations and movements of the lasers and holtzman wave. The navigators finally felt the end of the trip. The holtzman wave ceased. After a few more steps in their water dance the navigators all at once forced away from the ball in the center of the sphere-like water room. the swam all around it. keeping the lasers focused on the equator of the ball. Then after a day of their dance it all stopped. the ball floated to one of the parts of the spere-wall and was taken in for repairs. "Good work brothers."


When the holtzman wave is used. A ball is hit by it. The ball is the representation of the universe of constant. The navigators are able to calculate and predict the future and do dance-like movements to manipulate hyperspace so that the ship safely finds its destination.

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