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First mission of new Ordos campaign, C&C-style!


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Well, you can get it here: http://home.planet.nl/~sche0039/dune2ord.zip

Unzip to your dune II directory, and start a new Ordos campaign.

It's HARD. It's certainly beatable, it will just take you a few tries (or not, if you're really good).

Things you need to know to win:

-Units above or below an enemy unit do twice the damage when compared to units standing at left or right side of the enemy. (this is a Dune II BUG, not a feature of the mission!)

-Carryalls sometimes get stuck. You CAN win even if one gets stuck. If two get stuck I suggest restarting. With some luck I'll have a patch for Dune II soon which will fix this.

-Sandworms are deadly enemies...they can also be valuable allies...

-Fremen are roaming around the map. Better not mess with them.

-Capture enemy buildings by shooting them until they are in the red damage zone, then move an infantry unit into them.

-The mission objective still applies: you must gather 1,000 credits.

Good luck!! And remember to save often!

If you need help or want to post some comments, do so here. I'm currently working on scenarios 2, 3 & 4 (mission 2)! They will be 3 totally different levels!

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