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Middle Age Choas


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A yes, yet another fine quality fan fic by Vilgent ;D.

Anywho, idea here is you create your own medevil force. This can be made up of one type of organism (I.E - Human, troll, Orc etc...)

Remember this is medevil, no laser tanks :P.


- No God Modding

- No Flamming......Insults and flame weapons ;).

- Large battles must give good detail and make sides and battle look even.

- Tax people for money, and starting new towns takes a long time

- Must specify population and number of cities and towns in info about your force (I.E numbers, strengths etc..)

- Remember travel takes a long time so be cautious on estimates of time to take to get to a place....

- Do whatever I say, if I say edit because of GM or little detail do it.

Enjoy! :)

Son's Of Kohan:

Has five cities. And about fourteen towns.

Population - 43,000

Tax Percent On Average Peasent Income - 14%

Additional Information:

Kujick is the main city, has large stone walls and many baracades for men to shoot out of. It has many posts to report information at, thus information travels quickly, also this is the capital and where the royal family lives.

4/5 cities are surronded by much woodland and timber is a normal thing in life for the people.

All of them have rivers or streams running through/by them.

The People are very happy in all the cities and towns, the King often visits random people, dines with them and talks about what could be done to make the kingdom better.

Military Information

8,000 Swordsman

5,500 archers

6,000 spearsmen w/ swords

4,000 catipult/other machinery operators

1,000 Elite guard

Rate Of Growth

New town or city whenever King feels neccesity

7% population growth

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