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the brain and the orb


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Semara sat back in his chair and pondered. "What is our status?" "we are over Tau Ceti... the scanners dont pick anything up. Do you wish for me to deep scan?" Semara, with an puzzled look on his face responded. "Y,yes. How long will that take?" " three Terran hours sir."

Suddenly an Orb ship unveiled itself 500 miles away from Semara's. "Battle stations! An orb Cruiser! its heading is 0 by 0 by 0, straight at us sir!" Semara stood. "evasive maneuvers. head under the belly of that beast. Its weapons are weaker under the hull."

Semara's battle ship glided through soundless space under the Orb cruiser. Two plasma bolts fired from the humans and hit the weak part of the Orb's hull. Their electro magnetic shields gave way, but not until two photon blasts came from their ship. after 15 minutes, the smaller Orb vessel was destroyed but at a high price. It would take two days for Semara's battle ship to be completely operational.

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The orb's are a highly evolved race that are composed mostly of energy. They recieve continual energy from their demi-organs which take in energy from their surrounding environments and process atoms to pure energy. Their whole body is thier brain, but their center of consciousness lies within the orb above their head dress. Their encounter suit protects them from harsh environments that otherwise would be deadly. Remember this well. Strike them in the orb to defeat them if in combat. Do not touch them or come into contact with them at close distances.

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