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Sardaukar Fan Fiction


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James now stomped through the hallways. The servents around him ran away attending to others matters, and hoping not to get in the way of the now furious James. As he walked down the hall he remembered the encounter. His fully armed legion of Sardaukar had been almost completly aninihilated by those infernal Harkonnens. He shuddered as he tryed to shake the thought away as if it was a bug easily sqaushed. He came to a golden door, it glimmered as the rays of the far distent sun shone through plaz windows on the other wall. The door contained a old fashioned knob on the right side of the door. James twisted it and the door clicked and slid open. James gazed upon the corrider, walls all golden with spirals of painted gold wood climbing up the side. There was a red decorated rug in the middle of the room, on top of the carpet there was a small table, with four red chairs circling around the table centerpeice, in the distence was a bed and a dresser. Seated in one of the red chairs was a man, the man that was responsiable for the death of many of his men, Lt. Helburg. He had a slim man with strong muscles, and black hair combined with a oval face, dressed in a standerd Sardaukar uniform as James was. So this is the idiot that sent my men to death as James thought this his hatred for this man grew. Helburg tapped his foot upon the glass on the table as if he had been waiting for hours like James had slacked off before getting to the meeting. He cleared his throat and then spoke with a now slightly irritated voice. " Hello James, what is it you called this meeting for?. " Arrogent fool, you know exackly what I called this meeting for, dont try to hide it, your guilt shimmers through your face. James wasn't offered to sit down by Helburg so he stood and spoke with such obvious anger about Shinkyan that even the fool Helburg could sense it " Sir, I'm here to talk to you about Shinkyan, about how my fully armed legion died so quickly " he then paused and started speaking before Helburg could interupt. " Sir, I feel it was your bad judegment that killed that legion, you could have mad more chioces strategicly, but you didn't and we lost nearly a full legion under your bad command, you cant even carry out one simple order the Emperor assigns to you. " Helburg's face went red and his eyes widened as if he wasn't expecting a comment like that. He sttutered for words but managed to grasp a few, he started yelling at James " You incompitent fool! It was those Harkonnen's fault not mine! And to think, I wasn't going to send you back to Shinkyan with the reinforcements " he smiled a devious smile that exposed a few of his front teeth, in a grin that made the hair on James neck tingle. " You leave at once, have a nice returning party with the Harkonnens James. " Before James could even respond to the fool's comment Sardaukar gaurds opened the door and put there arms around Jame's and dragged him out of the room. " You fool you will pay for your mistakes! " Helburg just laughed at this as James was dragged to the airpad to be taken with the legion to the highliner to get on the nearest frigate to Shinkyan

It was a long trip on the highliner but now James stood on the forest and agriculteral planet of Shinkyan. He was totaly exahausted from his trip, and thinking how he would take care of Helburg when he got back to the Imperial Palace. He wacthed his men scurry around setting up defense's around the base perimeter. Flash's of the first battle blashed accorss in his head. The screams of Harkonnens, the panickedness of the Sardaukar the utter confusion amungst his men in the first legion. That is of no matter, that is done, I must avenge myself against the Harkonnen even more for their foolishness of attacking me. His men started digging trenches and placing heavy machine guns by them. James looked for any tactical advantages he might have, from the north of the base was a gaint cliff wall, with a few shrubs scattered around and rocks popping up everywhere. To the South there was a forest, trees, wildlife roaming around, bushs everywhere, he gathered they would attack from that way. To the East a few trees and a shallow river with rocks extending from the water and fish swimming,by and the west was a continuem of the forest. He ordered his men to put up barbed wire along the Western and Southern fronts, he then looked at what remaining weapons and supllies he had to spare for defense. He put two heavy machine guns with sand bags around them facing the Northern cliffs, he put three more heavy machine guns to the East and one more in the middle of the base. This will hold them off, they cant bomb the jungle its to big and they'll never find us, vechicles wont do anything here, so men it will be, and once I get the other half of the legion we will be unstopable. James soon arrived at his personal tent hugging the bottom of the cliffs to teh North, it was green on the outside to macth the jungle wilderness. It was supported by six poles black poles about 6 inches wide attaching themselves into the tent and digging deep into the ground for support. James entered his tent it was about 30 meters wide 15 in length and about 10 in hiegth. It had a cot for him to sleep on, a flatscreen moniter for incoming transmissions, a dresser with a bottom peice that could be lifted up and under it help knives, a lasgun, a medkit and a food kit. The tent also contained two small chairs in the middle that were green and a desk by the cot with papers on top. But before he could settle down into his new settings a man dashed through the door flaps panting, he was a tall, slightly overweight man, but was very strong, he had a oval-like face with blonde hair. He gained his posture after cacthing his breath, he then saluted to James, handed him a envelop and dashed out in a blur of movement as if he was being timed on everyone of his actions. James spun the envelope around to see the Imperial seal, he cut it open, and started reading the note. His face went red, as he found out Helburg had assigned the other half of his legion that was supposed to be arriving tommarow to a far distent planet.

That was the final straw, James could no longer take this man. He sprinted to the communications center to talk to this man to tell him what James really thought of him. The communications center was a tent, with a gaint satilite dish next to it and computers in the tent. Jame's opened the door flaps of the tent, only to be greeted by confusion and men and women running around in a frenzy to gather some kind of information. Computers were flashing, papers were coming out of everywhere, worried faces were quite common in the tent. James had no idea what was going on, he stopped a man by putting his arms out and grasping the mans shoulder as he tryed to zip past. " Soldier what's going on here? ", the soldier obviously wanted to get back to work, " sir the Harkonnens are coming, very heavily, we have about 20 minutes maximum. " James yelled " sound the alarms! " the alarms sounded he grabbed a com speaker and yelled over it " incoming Harkonnen, incoming Harkonnen, this is not a drill every man to his battle posistions now!" He could hear the panic of his men. James now prayed for his life.

Made By Vilgent, Page 2 Coming soon.

Please do not add onto this, as I will lock the post, and this is my story off of my Emperor site. So remember just tell me what you think, and do not add onto it. Thank you. Until next post, Vilgent.

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