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DVD RE-PACK - Pre-patched with Official Install Fix + 1.09 update + NoCD + Official map packs (Keys not provided)

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I play the campaign a few times a year, I own 3 physical copies of the game and it's a  PITA to get working properly on modern systems(Drive labels don't stay the same) . 90% of the guides out there are missing a detail or incorrect. Even with the process memorized it still a massive pita. Chances are you've tried before and for one reason or another the game yells at you about the disc not being inserted. I made this to save myself and others hassle.  NO updating, No patching, No copying executable before or after installation. 

Mount, Install, Play.  Add dgVoodoo if you get speed issues.


No laundry list of 12 steps to perform to get the game running. I baked all the fixes into the installers game data archive using this sites modding tools. 
This was made possible using the bag tool from this website(dune2k) to consolidate and pre-patch all the game data archives into one bag file to place on a single DVD ISO. Everything uses the original installer. All cut scenes will be installed to drive and play with out anything mounted. I even included the removed HeartPlug Cutscene. 

This is what I imagine an official final release on DVD would have looked like. 

What is not provided:

Keys - I'm not trying to encourage piracy or implicate myself in it, I own 3 physical copies of the game myself. I play the campaign a few times a year. This was created to save myself and others who actually own the game time and frustration. Using the original disks is to get the game running is a nightmare that probably keeps most people who would like to revisit the game from doing so.

DgVoodoo - This isn't required for all people so it isn't included, if the game runs too fast DgVoodoo is the fix Google for up to date instructions. This is also liable to change as new OSes release and new Versions of DgVoodoo come out. The goal was to repack the original game files that are not going be changing any time soon. I didn't want to pack in anything that might be liable to change later. 


This was my very first PC game, it means a lot to me and the fact that it's such a pain to make work breaks my heart. 


* This has the Win10 Install fix built in(the official one that removes antiquated/unsupported secure rom from the game). Just mount the iso and install. When done unmount the iso. It's not needed anymore.

* I've also baked in the NoCD patch. Modern Windows systems assign random drive labels/letters to removable drives and mounted images and the game expects the same label every time.  This is what makes things such a pita even with real disks. The install fix does not address this as it left old school label checks behind. This also makes playing the game on Linux with Wine easier as Drive label emulation is a neglected feature in modern Wine version on Linux that doesn't work well. 

*This has 1.09 built in, Don't try patching after installing. 

*This has the official mappacks added, don't need to source those either.

DgVoodoo is not provided but may be needed for some versions of windows. 

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