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You guys are great & this game was the best :-)

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Hi Guys

It's been over 20 years, just wanted to sent a message over there:
This game was great, if not the best, RTS, and holds many childhood memories.
I loved back in the day that there were no official META's yet, you couldn't youtube the best tactic, everybody had their strategy which was mostly communicated within clans and groups of friends. It's a pity I can't play this game anymore, but just wanted to comfirm, I've played so many RTS games, and this one has been the best memory for sure.

Love to all the people and friends I lost contact to, from all the people at Sow: Ords, Fremixx, Leo, Dread, skorpija and so many more. To all the legends of the game, from Harkdawg to brennq, to so many others. Cheers! much love!

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