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Need help deleting multiplayer maps, and loading maps.


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I like to play skirmishes with AI players, it's a fun time waster...  However, there are a bunch of maps that came with the CnCNet installation that I really don't like and would like to get rid of, as they're just taking up space on the list.  I tried deleting the extra map files, but since they don't actually say what map they are, (just a bunch of random numbers/letters,) I don't know which are for which maps, and the program just reinstalls them when I reload it anyway.  Maybe put a feature in the next update that you can delete the maps in the lobby, and delete any of the fan maps permanently.


Also, I have downloaded a few maps that are not showing up.  I searched it on here, but didn't find an actual answer, just something about map creators making ini files...  None of the one I downloaded had those.

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