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I made dune 2000 speedrun itself and achieved WR


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Hope you all enjoy,i tried to apply both speedrun.com rules and my own new set of rules to restrict it even more:

Rules for the speedrun are shown in the video and copied below for convenience,they restrict stuff so there is no stupid stuff done like spawning 50 devastators and calling it a day: Here is the set of rules,feel free to add more:

A.I. runs itself,rules:

Rule 1) Everything must be within scenario boundaries. [tech level equal to enemy,AI ammount max 7,multi queue is allowed(for refference look at hark 5 and 9 missions in the editor using it too)]

Rule 2) NO ADDITIONAL MONEY FOR MAIN A.I.THAT IS WIN/LOSE TRIGGER(player controlled) AND NO EXCESSIVE BUILDINGS ADDED,with exception to multiqueue A.I.(not controlled by player) that gets small steady income when it does not have refineries.

Rule 3) Max 10 start units of any type for multiqueued(!!!) A.I. set on defensive stance until all multiqueued(!) AI launches 1st attack 5 infantry = 1 start unit(combat tank) 

Rule 4) I CANNOT INTERFERE AFTER THE MAP IS CHOSEN,ONLY SPECTATE,EVEN IF AI IS ABOUT TO LOSE or do something extremely stupid. I can only choose which map the A.I. will run through.

Rule 5) No interference with enemy buildings,like spawning units or buildings near them or placing buildings on sand.

Sub note: Splits are done every map.

Feel free to add more rules if you will see possibility to do some stupid stuff,i tried my best on making this video(optimizing times to be as fast as possible took alot of time) for 2 weeks,hope you enjoy.

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