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Missing text Ordos(OD4 V2) gruntmode

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If you chooses to select a mission for Ordos ingame you can see that a number description are missing for OD4 V2. I have made a screenshot and marked the missing text and number. If some text is added for this box it will help the player to see that it can be selected easier.


Im useing the patch


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It is not missing that mission, it's just that mission don't exist, at least not in vanilla form.

Some guy created a "version 2" (and even versions 3 and 4) of certain missions that may load if you click/add then because he gave the files the same name as the original "O4v1.map" "o4v2.map", but again, "O4v2.map" it is not a westwood original map, just a custom campaign to resemble similar to the original.

Although some of them have 2 versions, certain missions only have 1, shuch as missions 4, 5, 7 and 8. Those are only 1 version.

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6 hours ago, Pioniere said:

I see it would be better if all available missions could be displayed on that list, but its bug fixing that is priority here.


Well, to play custom missions we use the mission launcher.

As that list on your screenshot it's intended only for the original missions.

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