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(Multiplayer Roleplay) Dune 2000 Mod: House Showdown, New Dynasty

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This Mod is Unique and made when I got boring feelings after playing so many Custom Dune 2k Mods by myself.
The Goal is very simple, as grand master and stats balancer to this mod, what I say goes and I'll do all the stat balancing.

You are Commander to any House you choose and are enlisted to a series of basic Units the Mentats defines to you.
Join a House, work as a Team and I'll develop a Globe where you are to get spice for your Houses.
Upload all your nessesary Unit Tibed Savings, Graphics Data, Music and pick a Duo or team if you desire, even join Mercenaries or become Pirates.
You must record your entire Missions and beat them, failure sometimes happens because the enemy was too strong.
Choosing a House permanently bans you if you've aided a new house until you gain their trust.
When player Numbers expand please don't worry, Every Commander will be given a new series of Missions.

House Atreides has spies, so if you choose another House then they'll reject you if you've joined other Houses. Suspects suspicious acts on Treason or Terrorism.
House Ordos has spies, they'll set use you as a Saboteur if you fail them too many times after news that you've joined another House. Suspects Assassins, Spies, Fremen.
House Harkonnen has Assassins, sent to kill any importance and kill soldiers while sent to kill you if they find you. Doesn't suspect anything.
House Corrino has an alliance with both Harkonnen and Guild.
Mercenaries, Tlielaxu Assassins, Pirates, Holy Fighters and Holy Fremen Fighters.

Give this game a chance.

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I've joined House Ordos, now here's a registration example, I will handle any missing shadow for your Units and also fully make your unit if your Description is well.
And make sure you record the whole battle Score Menu if that's a feature in Mission Loader.

Commander Name: Amander
Has Joined
House Ordos.
Requests the following schematics to House Ordos Mentat who then instructs House Ordos's Engineers.
A Heavy Machinegun Tank with as much Detail and Description.
Description: A Cubular Tank that sacrifices turret component space for stationary weight and armor and a Heavy Machine Gun Cartridge that detatches to replace a new one while it's cheap and Expensive.
("If only they'd launch when they're detatched and melt upon a Target's Barrel but that function is impossible in Dune though. In other words, Tank Stunner.")
~Awaiting, not On Hold.

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