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Passengers disappear in 1958, bug?

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Sorry for the double post. I originally posted this in the Map discussion forum and am not sure how to delete it. Posting it here for better viability. 


I've been playing through the Second Campaign (the Austria map specifically) using my modified version of jeffry's US History/1.56+ EXE , and I just came across something unusual, to say the least.


In 1958, passengers just disappear. I've checked the Amtrak West map and also found passengers missing; however, the Elbow Room (drain the Mediterranean) map does not have this issue. Jeffry's EXE adds a "If X, production is changed by Y" condition in 1958, saying that houses supplied with diesel will decrease passenger production by 10%. Could that be related to the issue I'm having? Using Jeffry's EXE also results in missing passengers Is this somehow intentional, or have I stumbled across a bug that we've yet to uncover?

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In my world (the US History map + my modded exe), passengers decline after WWII, becoming scarce but not impossible after the 707 announcement. Mail completely disappears after the 1966 Post Office announcement. Troops also disappear about that time. I think most of those effects are in either my map or the vanilla game, not my mods to the exe.

Try running a few years off the clock. See if there is a wave of passengers about once every two years.

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I took a closer look at my game, and I found something very interesting. Passengers may not be showing up in the menu anymore, but they're still being loaded by trains. It's as if they've just been turned invisible. Watch train number 18. It's clearly still loading passengers, even though they're not displayed in the cargo menu or the route screen. It also shows that passengers are still demanded by stations.




Even if the game is technically unchanged, I'd like to fix this if possible. Any thoughts?

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(Merging my earlier post with this one so they're not spread across two different pages.)



The if-then effect  you describe looks like one map's event, not a global program feature. Can you go back and tell us exactly where you saw the diesel-pax decline. documented?






I found that in one of your posts from several years ago, you stated "One change that I have made is to add a city demand for diesel (representing gasoline) after about 1950."


I decided to check the following scenarios from the Second Century Campaign and this is what I found. All of these were tested with Jeffry's EXE.

  • Amtrak West, pax missing, high pax traffic (same place where you pick regional costs of fuel)
  • Elbow Room, pax present, high 
  • Super Trains (France with no freight), no pax, high 
  • Antarctica, pax missing, high
  • Remember America, pax present, normal
  • Island of Hope (Africa), pax missing, normal
  • Austria, pax missing, high

For a moment I thought I was onto something, thinking "the maps with high passenger traffic are causing the issue," until I noticed that Elbow Room has high traffic as well. 

I originally thought that it was some sort of extra challenge that had been added, and it kind of makes sense. Pax traffic fell off a cliff around this time. But I know it's not because of the Amtrak West scenario. Why would a scenario focused on Amtrak not have pax?


Any idea on what's this causing this or how to fix it?



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Right, so I added diesel demand. Did I say something about passenger decline? I do vaguely recall connecting car deliveries to pax decline, so maybe I experimented with negative "boosters". I know I thought about such, but it has been too many years, and I can't remember what I did  :(

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I've decided to open the hex editor once again to try and tackle this problem. My first thought was to remove the diesel demand to see if I could at least get pax to reappear.

Attempt one brought back pax to the menu, but with an unintended side effect.



Attempt two was more successful. The "if supplied" statement now shows up as 0%, so I guess that means nothing happens? I don't know why it's choosing to include this.81458b456d2f32956f8ee641ac38f67d.png

I messed around with a few more values, and managed to get "if supplied with rubber, pax reduce by 9%" to work. For whatever reason, though, when I put in diesel (30), it just disappears. I'll upload my "pax increase by 0%" file here. If you want to try and look at it yourself, here's what you need to know.

The house conversion is in line 0x001404B0, and the townhouse conversion is in line 0x00143130. You can also search for 1958 as a value, not a hex address, using the excel map as a guide. The cell marked as 1E (value is 30) is the diesel cell, and the next few govern its production rate (-10% or otherwise). 


I think the inclusion of this feature to represent gasoline was really creative, but it's a shame it has this weird bug tagging along. Hopefully we can get it fixed. Until then, I will keep playing on my "pax increase by 0%" file.



pax increase 0 percent.EXE

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