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Does someone knows how make the buldings produce the units listed in the screenshoot there?


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On 2/2/2020 at 4:08 PM, TAK02 said:

Change the PrimaryFactory/PrimaryBuilding, for one. Then see check if there anything else, like SecondaryBuilding or UpgradedPrimary or similar.

The flags should be self-explanatory.

I've already tried it, the problem is that the building icon doesn't show up.
I've found a modder that is doing a lot of changes in the game, but he doesn't have time to show me how to do it... I was wondering if someone there has uncovered the way to do it, I'm trying to locate the icons but, no dice...

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Oh yeah, my fault.

E:BfD also has cameo-placement problems or something, IIIRC; had those too when messing around with the hidden stuff I found.

Anyways, in general, without the files or code-snippets, there won't be much help.
Your screenie posted some of the rules, but not the art. Artini.txt is responsible for handling anything art- and cameo-related.

You're in luck here tho as I already have the TXTs. So do you. TibEd creates them in the folder DATA>MODEL

Back to the Imperial Tank:
Open ArtIni.txt, hit Ctrl+F and look for IMTANK.

If you compare the IMTANK's section with that of others, you'd see it lacks a valid cameo. Any cameo here should do.

Icon		= "icons\\IM_Sardaukar.tga"	
IconGrey	= "icons\\grey_IM_Sardaukar.tga"

That'll give the IMTANK the cameo of the generic Sardaukar Trooper. It doesn't have to be him, can be someone else, provided the cameo exists.

Next, you'll need to tell the game where to put the cameo.

SideBarType = "Units"

This'll tell the game to put the IMTANK with the other units. I think.

Now you just need to make the IMTANK buildable. Compare its PrimaryBuilding, UnitGroup, House and UpgradedPrimaryRequired(if it exists) properties in Rules.txt to something like the Assault Tank (HKAssault).

The way I see it over here, just opening the original rules.txt and getting rid of the "//" in [IMTANK]>//PrimaryBuilding = HKFactory and changing House to "Harkonnen" will make it buildable from the Harkonnen Factory.

I think that should do it. I think. Try it out and reply.

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