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[Release] .ini files for editor modding purposes.

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Currently there are some tileset released throughout the forum. These tilesets lacks a ".ini" file which can help map creators to do maps more easily, grouping tiles and separated them so it's more easy to see, but also assigning a key on the keyboard to place these tiles withouth needing to open the whole tileset at all.

Keep in mind that I am not the owner of the tileset itself; I am not changing any tile from that tileset or the attributes (if you can walk over that tile, build and so on), this is a non-invasive add-on to help modders.

My plan goes to do it with all the old tileset that lacks such file:

Snow Cliff :

Water Cliffs:




Other details:


Ground Cliff:




Other specials:


Ground cliff:

Water Cliff:




Other specials:

Gray Walls:

Red Walls:

Yellow Lines: (both version, ground and metal)

Red lines:

Other specials:

Floor Shadows:
(for this last one I am not sure fi some of these are suppose to be attached into another tile, just in case I place all of them separated).

Now the custom .ini will show new colors on the minimap (only while modding):
Here, the same map using 2 different tilesets:

BLOXSNOWunknown.png  BLOXTEM:  unknown.png   


Files:  Todos Tilesets Personalizados.rar<-- This include all the .ini, all the bin and all the .r16 files needed.
This file includes:
BLOXBAT2: Luminar's night mission based on Bloxbat; I fixed the grey stuff from the spice so now the spice won't look weird. Normal spice.
BLOXBGP: A Giedi Prime based. Normal spice.
BLOXCRFT: Wacraft 2 winter tileset. Chopped trees as spice.
BLOXHILN: A Heighliner tileset, to create the interior of a big Dune ship. box-crates as thin spice and "mini-repair-pad" as thick spice.
BLOXINT: The interior of a building. Gold as thin spice, gems as thick spice.
BLOXRETR: Dune 2 graphics tileset. Normal spice.
BLOXSNOW: Snowdy map with rifts, rivers and roads. The spice it's gems.
BLOXTD: Green land, rifts, water and roads. the spice it's tiberiun.
BLOXTEM: Green land, rifts, water and roads. the spice it's gold.

To make these tilesetes to appear you need the ".r16" files (same name) into the game's data folder; you can get these files by executing cncnet.exe or downloading the file I upload earlier, that have all needed to work with.
If you have them already, place these ".ini" files into the folder "/tilesets" from the editor's path; the program should reconice then auto. Keep in mind you also need the "*.bin" files that are part of the tileset.

Update: The new ".ini" will allow any modder to place spice directly into your map withouth switching into another tilesets.

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2 hours ago, dato 2000 said:

nice work Cm_blast :)


Thanks. I am going to do the red alert interior too, and maybe your giedi prime, Luminar's night mission... (since those are recolors I don't need to work or anything, but at least they will appear on the editor directly).

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Update: added the interior tileset: BLOXINT.ini

First post updated; again, I am not the author of the tileset itself, so feel free to point any mistakes or suggesting new names for any category.

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Updated the first post. It contains a link into both my 4share and onedrive that, among other stuff, it is stored a pack of tilesets done by me and others, in order to make more easy to pick quickly the whole pack withouth requiring to search into multiple posts.

Includes .r16, .bin .ini and .png; the .png are just as a visual thing, you don't need those, but looking at them you may know what it is the tileset about.

Also I fixed the grey stuff that appeared on the Luminar's night mission, so now the spice will be blue as it was suppose to be; I didn't modded anything else from the tileset, just the spice.
The first post have more info.

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Update the post with new images, more inis, new minimap colors and so on.

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