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Hi there :)

i just wanna say Hi to all of Ya and smuggle small news as well :)

I know that lately all Westwood community is quite small and a lot of fan sites were closed - so i have thought that I can't just to look around, it's better to do it my self and bring just one of the sites from the past to the present.

So recently I'm reconstructing my old web site ( that was working since 1999 to 2006 ) called Imperium Westwood and is all about Westwood related games -  including Dune series as well.
I'm doing all the stuff alone practically and there is still a lot to do but i guess that it's is quite pleasant to the eye so I'd like to share this news with Ya.

https://imperium-ww.pl/  - There is separate Dune Section that i'm working right now :)
It''s all in polish but there is also quite good translate engine so feel free to visit from time to time :)

i believe that any new news regarding Westwood Games and community is a good news!


Good day commanders!

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hi again :)

i made some improvements over those pasts months/years in my Dune section  :) an i  hope U'll gone like it more and more :) fell free to give me a note what is missing and what should i impove to meke it better to properly archive Westwood legacy in Dune Universe

so here it is > https://imperium-ww.pl/dune-series/  Dune Series section that contains EBFD, Dune 2000, Dune 2 and some other related stuff and I hope u like it - 


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