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Quest for Arrakis II


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"There is no escape--we pay for the violence of our ancestors." ― Frank Herbert, Dune



Quest for Arrakis II continues the decade long history and political machinations of the original Quest for Arrakis. It is an intense setting that stays true to the canon as set forth by Frank Herbert and focuses primarily on power politics and grand story telling. Much like the in the novels most anything is possible...if the player is willing to pay the right price.

The setting is an alternative universe to the world as designed by Frank Herbert and taking place some twelve centuries before the time of Paul Atreides. The Corrino Empire has suffered through a devastating war which has taken the life of the previous Emperor and plunged the human race into a period of economic collapse and massive social unrest. Old houses have fallen or been reduced in power leaving a vacuum for the ambitious to make a name for themselves. Under the watchful eye of a new sovereign the Empire begins the long road back to prosperity. New houses seek to establish themselves as old ones try to return to glory.

We offer an intense gaming atmosphere with motivated players, helpful staff and well detailed game environment. Everything is story driven and the opportunities are endless for writers willing to be active. Will you raise your banner in this brave new age? The perils are daunting and the road will be hard but do you have what it takes to rise to power in the Quest for Arrakis II?


For more information email directorate@questforarrakis.com .  

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Sorry.. normally I write nice things when people announce fan projects but.. in this day and age talk is cheap and visual media is everything. If you're going to announce a new game then show some screenshots or concept art and setup a proper place for people to see your stuff and interact with you eg a website, a forum, or a social media page. Giving a text only marketing speech (in an age where people don't like marketing speeches) and asking people to email you is just weird and so.. I dunno.. 1997 lol. And if that's the case then PLEASE can I have access to your time machine? There are several things I'd like to go back and do lol.

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