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Dune builder with editor


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we have some sleeping community of dune romhackers (dune for sega mega drive 2). and today some new updates is out - 82 version + new version of editor. but probably it will be dificult for use non russian users :) at the begining i am try to attach english variant of items in editor... but later new function was made without english. same with builder - readme, new items and etc info - no have english comments and explanation. but we try to made userfriendly that. maybe without english it will be understandible :) 

url for download: https://yadi.sk/d/7Kt8BiWktzm3rQ

you will need to change language of game and compile rom by use Build_rom.bat - then start rom in emulator. or use DUE for some edit and compile by pressing button with joypad and hands icon.

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