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Dune builder with editor


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we have some sleeping community of dune romhackers (dune for sega mega drive 2). and today some new updates is out - 82 version + new version of editor. but probably it will be dificult for use non russian users :) at the begining i am try to attach english variant of items in editor... but later new function was made without english. same with builder - readme, new items and etc info - no have english comments and explanation. but we try to made userfriendly that. maybe without english it will be understandible :) 

url for download: https://yadi.sk/d/7Kt8BiWktzm3rQ

you will need to change language of game and compile rom by use Build_rom.bat - then start rom in emulator. or use DUE for some edit and compile by pressing button with joypad and hands icon.

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as you know - Sega's Dune came from PC's version and have a many similar code. maybe someone have advice how to fix some bugs?

archive with Dune builder, rom with that demonstrations of bugs and editor:



when you build some refinery or build harvester from factory - it work fine. i mean some sand boiling under harvester, when he get spice. but if user paint that harvester over map editor - that boiling start work wrong. it boiled over harvester, not under. some one says it is map drawing function, but i am not a romhacker at all :( dont know where to search it. 




original game have 0-E surface types. it was added additional 4. when you set 0 speed for some type of tech - track for example - it means track tanks cant to move into that surface. so problem is - when you set that 0 speed and defend some factory of that new types surface - F number for example - Carryall dont take that unit from factory. it should work as wall surface do. you protect factory by walls, build unit, Carryall take unit and bring into some free space. but with new surfaces it is not happen :( where that part of code is lays? it have array and work only from $0 to $E? but should from $0 to $12. it is factory code for finished building unit case or Carryall code? how to find it?




third one actually not bug... but just need to fix. game have timer setting, but original game not used it. so creators of game didnt see that bug probably. as you know - Sega Genesis \ Mega Drive 2 have very small limit of memory. so rare things writes into same area. deathand rocket from palace or frigate from starport, or text: low money - they all writes into same address. same address used timer. so if you are turn on times and call frigate or deadhand - that rocket or frigate have gfx bug - timers digits appear over that unit. is any way to add some "if" for timer hud? some hide timer for time, when deathand is fly or frigate is fly and appear back, when they flyaway?


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