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immediate attack for a quick victory 1 vs 1 against hard AI


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hello, I played with dune after a long time (more than 10 years). I do not know if the tactic of the immediate attack is already known. I consider it  very dangerous both for those who use it and for those who suffer it.

The tactic is very simple (and funny), it consists in defeating the enemy before he can build an army.

it can be explained in these steps

1) build the barrack as fast as possible

2) recruit 3 light infantry soldiers to send to every corner of the map to find out the position of the enemy

3) attack the enemy position with all your soldiers (most trooper infantry)

if during the first attack you can not destroy at least the headquarters and the factory, the game can be considered lost. This is the video of a game in which I applied this tactic. I could not destroy the barracks with the first attack, if the artificial intelligence had been a bit smarter would have easily won.


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