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God Emperor vs Duncan

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The God Emperor crushed the inoperable lasgun replica that the 19th Duncan Idaho series ghola handed to him, rolling his cart back and forth over it. In like manner, the face dancer's crumpled body laid beside it.

"What lesson can be learned from this lasgun. . . which is actually a museum replica the face dancer tried to use to assassinate me?"

"Oh, you mean the story of the Japanese buying replica guns in The Grasshopper Lies Heavy?" Duncan said.

"Yes, that one." The God Emperor replied distantly, deep in thought.

"Caveat Emptor," Duncan replied in perfectly pronounced Latin whilst turning his back to Leto.  “By the god below, strike me now Caesar.” Duncan whispered.

The God Emperor's body shuddered involuntarily. How did Duncan have memories of his past ancestors? Only the God Emperor knew that in ancient Roman times he was Julius Caesar and Duncan was Brutus. While still deep in thought Leto registered surprise to see Duncan turn around and pull out a perfectly operable Ixian lasgun aimed directly towards himself. Simultaneously, Duncan pulled back his cloak to activate his shield that Malky had smuggled off world to him. The shield caused a golden glow to shimmer all around Duncan.

Duncan recalled a favorite quotation of Gurney from the O.C. Bible and flatly stated, " I have been a stranger in a strange land"

"Et tu Brute?" Leto said an instant before Duncan pulled the trigger.


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