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Any way to run game with all game files installed?


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I managed to get the game and it comes with four discs. One for installation and running the game for skirmish, the other three are for 3 factional campaigns. While it's possible to run with or without discs, the thing is that the movie files copied to the game directory be all renamed in the Data folder and edit a config file on where to load movies. The other problem is audio.bag. I have to extract everything from four audio.bag files in four discs and merge/re-compile as one audio.bag.

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Yes its possible to get Dune Emperor Running without swapping CD's using Windows 10 like I am doing.
you have to do the following things :-
1. get the Install Fix patch and fully install Dune Emperor - do not change the location it installs (c:\westwood) just leave it to install how it wants to
You will be using Windows 10 built in support for mounting virtual disks (earlier windows versions may work) .
2. You will need to make an .iso image from all the four disks (windows 10 cant do this - so use free 'infraRecorder' to do it (hint :- Actions menu,Copy Disc,To Disc image will do the job)
Name each image file name these following names respectively for disks 1 to 4 (and you will make life easy for yourself when mounting)
3. Mount your iso -  any windows file explorer window select one of the .iso files and right click. click MOUNT in the right click menu and a new CDROM drive will appear in file explorer with a new drive letter.
remember that drive letter and the associated disk number 1 2 3 or 4
(repeat 3. for all the other images)
4 . EDIT the resource FILE ... go to your C:\westwood\Emperor\resource.cfg file and open it with notepad
This is a plain text file and tells dune emperor which cdroms you are using - it has 8 entries we need to alter
in the entry for CD1 you must put the drive letter that you mounted Disk 1
For CD2 the drive letter that you mounted CD2 etc for all 4 entries
EXAMPLE Emperor1.iso was mounted on the F: drive in my example - find in the resource file the line CD1 and just the drive letter following will need to be changed to F in my case
keep it exactly as it is in the file when you found it - just change the drive letter to the correct one you mounted above
repeat that for CD2 3 and 4
repeat the same drive letter change for MOVIES1 which will also be F for disk 1 and repeat for all the Movies 2 3 and 4 entries to their correct drive letters
after doing these 8 edits save and close resource.cfg file
Launch Dune Emperor and you will not have to change the disks during the game
Why not write a script that mounts the Cdroms, edits the resource file and launches the game ?
Actually yes I have done that and it runs in powershell. (i wont post as I don't know all the policies on this forum )

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