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Alternate way to install original Dune2000


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One way I used to install Dune2000 on Win7 x64..

Get your Dune2000 disc or image and go to Explorer. 


Create a directory on One of your harddrives c:\ for example c:\Dune2000. .

Now copy the content of the Dune2000 disc to your newly made directory,  all the files .

Now your done and you can select the Dune2000 exe.

The game should run fine. .

Note: if  the game wont run move it(entire directory) to program files(x86)..

The game worked for me on win7x64 in a directory (also known as a folder) on my root c:\ drive in a newly named folder..


Attention: : if this works on win8 or Win8.1 i really dont know 


I' m planning to use the same method on Win10 x64 but i have to find my Dune2000 disc first. .i'l keep you updated on my findings 


Have fun

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