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I recently found my old cd case for Emperor Battle For Dune, and I have been having tons of issues trying to install it on my windows 7 64bit gaming PC. I've been searching like crazy for an answer online but its not working out


Basically I go into the cd file itself, I made sure that the SETUP.EXE is set to windows XP compatability (It was automatically at service pack 2), then I double click that exe itself, the CD starts running and suddenly stops, I checked the task manager one time and I saw the setup.exe start, then just disapeer. I have the 1.09v patch already downloaded and waiting for an installation. I was really looking forward to playing this game again, can someone help?


I have looked almost everywhere and I'm still going to be looking, if I find something i'll edit this that I did, just wanted to post somewhere for more help if people are still around.

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