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Great Isles- Problems with Economy. Only 4 Goods

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I've got a problem with a map im about to create.

I can't handle the economy. Because of some unknown reasons, I do only have 6 different cargo types which appear on the map of demand and supply: ammunition,weapons, diesel, cheese, clothing and meat.

To be honest its my first map, that i'm creating and I hope you can give me some advice how to handle this problem. I took care, that the different industries are placed in different places and regions in the world. But still there are only these 6 cargos on the map.


Thx for your help.

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In the map editor, the special restrictions page, there is an option near the bottom of the list called "Use Wartime Cargos". Untick that, and all the cargoes should work.

Is your map "Great Isles" based on a real-world place or is it fictional? It sounds interesting.

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