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railroad tycoon ii second century mission the chunnel


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i can't get gold on the chunnel mission. the best i get is silver.


i complete all the objectives by the middle of 2015:

100 cargo uk - france

75 cargo uk - belgium

50 cargo uk - netherlands

50 cargo uk - germany

and i'm debt free


yet i only get silver.


could someone here shed some light on what i have to do to get gold?



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Just looked at the map events - the briefing event gives the values you quote BUT it looks like the gold win event requires 100 loads England to Belgium not just the 75 the silver requires. You could change the event values in map #E12camp for the gold win in the editor and restart the scenario as a change to the map wont load until the scenario is restarted from the campaign screen or just try to haul 100 loads if you don't fancy restarting the mission from an earlier save. (Or haul what it says you needed to get gold and use the gold win cheat - see the cheats section of this site).


There's no patched map for this scenario on this site so you'll have to do the edit yourself but do check the download section of the forum for other map semi official patches - D Masters did several of them.

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hi, thanks for your reply. it is exactly the same advice a former poptop programmer gave me. i have since completed the mission with the 100 load. and i did the map patch as well just in case i replay the missions. i've uploaded a how-to on youtube (look for videos by user kamchowful). again, thanks for your reply.

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