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Emperor unused tags


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When looking though the Game.exe for Emperor i came across 10 unused tags. As far as i know no one else has ever posted anything about these tags on this forum or anywhere, i may be wrong though. I've only tested two of them.


- CanReverse //Tried this on the Hark Assault Tank, didn't seem to make any difference to the way it moved or anything.
- TurretHowMany
- Drive
- FirstFrame
- LastFrame
- BodyPart
- Stride
- Gunship //This makes Ornithopters do strafing runs when they attack, like a fixed wing aircraft. Unfortunatly the tag seems to be bugged and makes the Ornithopters land on each other when they land at a helipad.
- MissileTrailSubdiv
- GiftsToKiller


Has anyone else ever discovered these tags before? Anyone here even modding Emperor?


EDIT: found another tag


- ReplicaBulletDamage //I expect this controls how much damage a weapon on a projected unit does, not tried it though.

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