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Anyone know how I can get the Buzzsaw and Flame Tank to fire both cannons?


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When you directly order the Buzzsaw or Flame Tank to attack something there supposed to fire both of there cannons at the target, but half the time they don't and only fire one of there cannons, especially when attacking buildings. Does anyone know a way i can get them to always fire both of there cannons when i order them to attack something? I have tried many changing there turrets code many times but nothing creates the desired effect. Can anyone help me out with this, if there are any EBFD modders here.

Thanks in advance.

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It's looking like I may be the only Emperor modder, still... I don't suppose anyone has ever managed to create a new ExplosionType for  EBFD have they? BulletTypes and WarheadTypes are possible but Explosions crash the game on startup.


EDIT: All ok now

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