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Holy Dune Inquisition Application Quiz


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For those interested in joining the ranks of the Holy Dune Inquisition (a group of people who believe Arrakis2k should follow the books as closely as possible and insure a good gaming experience dedicated entirely to preserving the saga of Dune) here is the application quiz:

Instructions: After completing the quiz Email me your answers (numbered please) to PrinceFaradn@aol.com. You may use ANY source you like to complete the answers on this quiz. If i make a mistake in a question dealing with the CANON Dune books (those by Frank Herbert ONLY) then i will automatically count that question as one right for you. You MUST correctly answer **ALL** questions before qualifying for the Inquisition. Good luck and have fun!

1.) What are the ranks in order from highest to lowest (ie. general, colonel, etc.) of Sardaukar?

2.) What is Farad'n Corrino's family relationship to Shaddam IV?

3.) Explain what the Golden Path is and who or what started it.

4.) What did Leto Atreides II ban throughout the Imperium under his rule?

5.) What are two reasons for Leto II's banning of male armies in his Imperium?

6.) What assasination device was used in an attempt to murder Leto II and Ghanima in Children of Dune?

7.) What commodity brought House Harkonnen to power during its very early years?

8.) What ancient Greek hero is the ancestor of House Atreides?

9.) What planet in the Dune Universe is famous for its sculptures?

10.) Why did the Fremen believe Paul to be their prophet when they encountered him and his mother in the desert (explain the prophecy and how it originated)?

11.) The essentials of desert survival (stillsuit repair etc.) are contained in what?

12.) Describe in detail how Leto II gradually became a Sandworm and how he died.

NOTICE: You must send your answers to: PrinceFaradn@aol.com in order for me to grade them! I will post the results of your test publicly (or privately if you wish, please include in email) on this topic.

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