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Arrakis plot

Guest Sponken

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Guest Sponken

I would like to see a real Dune game. One that follows the story and captures the feeling, the environment to an extent so that you can just about taste and smell the melange and feel the desert-sun burn your skin as you ride on the back of Shai-Hulud.

Why does it have to be more than one side in the singleplayer campaign? And if there has to be, why not do it more like the Starcraft way, where there is one story and not one for each side.

Using the original book you would start as Atreides attacking Harkonnen spicesilos at Giedi Prime. Or you could start as Harkonnen during the 80 years before Atreides came to Dune, fighting the Fremen, smugglers and so on, and then play as Atreides up to the final battle by the caves. As Leto dies you get to play as the Fremen. The fremen, not yet confident in the witchcraft of fighting, but still great fighters. Later they grow stonger from Pauls training.

Maybe you could even throw in a part where you play as the smugglers.

Of course you should also be able to play with special characters like Paul, Hawat, Halleck, Idaho(well, until the Sardaukar kills him at least<;)) aso. Some missions you might have to escort someone, like Paul and lady Jessica for example.

This is just a unfinished draft but I say we must act! The way WW raped dune is unacceptable and the greatest sin of all. This is not Dune2 this is Arrakis2k!!!

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The Holy Dune Inquisition has been fighting for a game that follows the books as closely as possible since its creation. I made a post a while back about what a true dune game would be like:

no tanks, all hand to hand combat, only vehicles are harvesters and carryalls.

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