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Looking at similar sites to the above,  They are almost mind boondoggling.


Many prisons compounds have been built around the US.  I wonder who they were built for?  

The US has been dvided into 9 zones.  Each zone has it's own compounds with  double fences and gates with barb wire and guard towers.   (pictures)

There seems to be over 6  trillion US dollars unaccounted for.  I wonder if this is where some of our tax dollars are going.


Obama's said he wants an army equal to the US forces.   When we add the controlled groups that are under his control he is getting close.  

He fired the generals who controlled the retaliation forces.



Read another report that Methane gas was bubbling out of the water off the English coast at an increasing rate.  Now at over 100 times the normal rate.

Another presenter said that a huge fire ball is not likely as the Methane gas is quickly mixing with normal atmosphere gases.  But the methane is depleting the oxygen.

With less oxygen dead zones are being created.  A number of dead zones have already been created around the world, over sea water.  


It was also stated, that during  the last one hundred years,  the deep sea water has warmed almost 2 degrees. 

while the top layers of  the sea water temperatures have bounced up and down erratically and rapidly causing major seasonal weather events.




It seems to me there are  historically evidence supporting just about any theory or fact of nature.   


Since Haarp can affect the temperature almost world wide, maybe they would be helpful.  But if used as weapons. many may be turn into ice. 



I didn't research all the details if the above is true of false.   But there is a lot to think about, pictures, charts, etc.

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