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How to change the building which gives you airstrike?


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I've been trying to change the building which allows you to call in a ornithopter airstrike from the upgraded Atraides High Tech Factory to the Atraides Palace. But everything i try either makes the Airstrike cameo go shaded and never loads up, or once the Airstrike is ready you can't select it.


Can anyone shed from some on this issue?


Thanks in advance.

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I have another question. I'm posting it here instead of starting another thread.


I've removed upgrades from my mod as i thought Dune 2000s upgrade system was pretty pointless. But now i can't build Missile Turrets or Repair Pads because these used to require upgrades to the Construction Yard and Heavy Factory. How do i make the Missile Turret and Repair Pad not require a upgrade before they can be built.

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