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If you will use the great free open Ogg Vorbis sound compression format (see http://www.oggvorbis.com/), which I strongly recommend, I volunteer to write any code vorbis-related you'll need (which is not hard anyway ;)).

If interested mail me at: Beni Cherniavsky <cben@crosswinds.net>, as I won't hang on this board much.

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Original Post:


need more info.

icq : 60137514

add me.

then send me details about benefits etc.

can u work under direct x?

Don't have icq.  See www.vorbis.com for yourself.  The main benefit of Vorbis is that it's free and open.  And it's good too (beats mp3 already).

I never programmed for windows (only dos and unix/linux) but I can learn.  Also check out www.fmod.org - with it you'll not need me ;)


Cherniavsky Beni <cben@crosswinds.net>

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