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quran and prophet instruction


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after  3  years of  studying  Islam and praying   as a way to  find a salvation from  my  current  situation  i had this experience


 quran and prophet instruction

the  lacking of existence in  environmental and social and mental reality/world  described in the books ,  in the present day which means the world  described in that book is dead and extinct its like telling you to breath on mars or that the boy   next door  is a demon   , big gaps in communicating  with other living humans beings in remote
 areas of the world  making it more like
 a fancy  of a man or nation  ex (  prophet  not eating onion and the beard ) and or choosing all the prophets from one family in one region .

making it really  ridiculous  to  ask a person who lived in a carriby island  why you didnt know about it ?
not documenting or proving in any  way stories of supernatural events that accrued in  
extreme  historical dark ages of the human population  and could has been copied and pasted  from stories been   told by the same previous books  and cults in the region over and over again but with different names  still not giving any material clues  on how those events took place or on the  supernatural/spiritual intelligence that caused it . which makes it too hard for a human brain to  process the required logical  interconnection in the whole of the book  leaving it to maybe, and could be. and individuals guessing
which in a final conclusion effecting  a healthy and positive function of the brain in a demanding/dangerous
 world , it is fun to read tho as good as those  stories of the supernatural , i like  the stories of the enchanted Moses
stave  it reminds me of skyrim

_ tho  i find it  appropriate not to go against it  or say that i know what i dont know .  it is too strong for one man to go against it ,
in most cases  the book is similar to any lows like dont steel dont kill  dont rape ex...
i guess if its true after all its quite complicated. and a good guy should be able to
be forgiven  by a kind god as he described him self . for  not  being able  to develop
a healthy faith imagination in the middle of  this confusion  and wars in the middle east a society that was savagely  
raged in serving this  religion they claim to worship . but at the same time they allow  the extermination of their neighbor Muslim nations without any worries about it.  like the war in Syria  even  at times helping doing  it  which proves the weakness of this book/religion in general which has effected the ability of those nations to develop in the past ,
100 years and of sinking into  terror





this is syria   a country of 30 millions population  just got wiped out from the world map my original country






this a demonstrator from cairo  egypt where i live , its now in chaos since 2009    by this time a guy like this roams the street day and night  looking like  a  border land   character






i guess you see the similarity . 

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