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Holding the last hand of stock

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A great post Maglev. I am doing all things that you mention, and I do them in the correct order, for the most part. Where I think I fall short is in leveraging to the max with the AIs. I have created that Scandal in my mod map, and I know it looms, so I go slowly and carefully, trying to stay leveraged minimally. This is the leap of faith I was referring to. I have actually scared myself into being more conservative through the mods I made. LOL.....guess it worked (on myself anyway).


Interestingly, I have occasionally been going back and playing the campaigns from the beginning (when not playing the South map) and I have been doing very well on a Hard setting, which shows how far my progress has come since my first go-round in the campaigns. The REAL nugget in this was the Silver Booms and The Market Busts Campaign. which is a PNW goal driven game. And I pushed everything to the limit, and was amazed.....I was leveraged to the max, and just when I got a call from my broker, I watched as literally in a matter of seconds my purchasing power (and PNW, too, as a result) rose dramatically from -146 to first 210 and in a few clicks 1M and then another few clicks to above 2M.......and I bought all of the shares of the AI that I could get my hands on. I controlled EVERYTHING!! And the campaign was basically over. I owned at least 75% or more of each company on the map, and the wealth poured in. When Thomas Scott got fired as the Chairman of the Texas Pacific (for doing absolutely nothing in about 5 years) I swooped in and destroyed his stupid rail network which he never even ran a train on at all. I built rails with his company's money from Dallas to Houston, and the rout was on. I won Gold as the premier carrier of the Southwest while not even chairing the AT & SF (which is where the scenario starts you out). So I have gotten a good taste of how powerful these methods can be, I just need to not be afraid to exploit it more. And this is what I refer to as thinking "outside the box". The old me would have laughed at Scott's getting fired, which I did heartily this time as well, and done nothing while managing my own RR, but this time I used his bad fortune as an opportunity to be a true rail barron. After the mergers and aquisitions I owned every piece of track, and station, and locomotive on the map! I love this game!!


Thanks again Maglev, for everything. Enjoy your gaming, my friend.

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