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About the game's jukebox inconsistencies


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There's something that has been bugging my OCD compulsions for quite a long time: the ingame music selector plays the wrong music when you choose to play a specific track after Land of Sand on the list.

From what i've found, the jukebox doesn't function correctly because it references every file in data\music alphabetically, and that folder also contains OPTIONS.AUD and SCORE.AUD, causing the following tracks to be played instead of the intended ones:

Plotting -> OPTIONS.AUD (breaks the list)


Rise of Harkonnen -> RISEHARK.AUD (this is unintentionally fixed due to the fact that Robotix is listed before RISEHARK.AUD)

The Soldiers Approach -> SCORE.AUD (breaks it again)

Spice Scouting -> SOLDAPPR.AUD

Under Construction -> SPICESCT.AUD

UNDERCON.AUD, WAITGAME.AUD cannot be selected.

You can appreciate it better in the following screenshot:


This can be fixed with a brute force method by deleting/moving OPTIONS.AUD and SCORES.AUD, but then those themes will not play during the main menu and score screen because they won't be found. Note that RISEHARK.AUD and ROBOTIX.AUD need to be renamed and their filenames swapped because they're listed on the wrong order on the playlist.

I've read a couple of threads that mention the issue (http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/20608-name-of-the-music-file/) but apparently this problem is not present for everyone? I've experienced it for more than 10 years now and on several computers and install sources of the game. Take gruntlord's installation package, for example.

Now that i'm seeing a resurge of interest in modding d2k, are there any insights on how could this be fixed? Maybe by modding the list and adding references to each specific file, or by allowing OPTIONS.AUD and SCORE.AUD to be read from another folder?

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