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Missing map files


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I downloaded the map RFDs and RFHs for Empreror: Battle for Dune, and I found out that they didn't work for some reason. I checked my folders, and I was missing MAPS0002.rfd and MAPS0002.rfh. Does anyone knoow a place I can get this? I have checked the installation disks and my laptop (I use a PC most of the time), and neither has the files. Could someone maybe put their own RFD and RFH here! Help!

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Hi, those maps, I believe, are maps from the official map packs located on this website. Before installing those maps, I think you should update Emperor to patch 1.09. I think that will help. :D

Those two files are on my computer at Computer/Compaq(C:)/Westwood/Emperor/Data.

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:laugh: If the above instructions don’t work, another thing you could try is to uninstall Emperor, and reinstall

the program. But before reinstalling the game, find the Emperor file in the

program file and delete it. That way, you will have a clean install. Then reinstall

Emperor, update it to Patch 1.09, and then install the official map packs


I think, hope that will solve the problem. :)

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