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Dr. livingstone, I presume.

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You'll never know how glad I am to have found this forum. I dug out an old copy of RR Tycoon II that I never really got involved with when I purchased it years ago. I've had my back to the Wall for over a Month now trying to get the Gold for the Peoples train. I've tried so many times to beat this thing, I have Dreams at Night that I'm playing this Scenario. I guess I could have moved on after winning Silver, but that would denegrate my string of Golds to this point. Anyway, I think I've picked up a few tips looking around on this forum. I feel I'm no longer alone in the world.  My Grandsons look over my shoulder when I'm playing, and asking why I waste my time on this old Technology. If they can't kill it on their XBox, it's Dullsville to them. On another note,  I seem to recall that Cecil Rhodes African scenario being impossible to beat also. If it can be beat, I'd like to know.

Bill  ::) :-\

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G'Day Bill,

Welcome aboard!

Like most strategy games, the start is usually the most important part of RRT.  Starting in the right place, doing things in the right order.

Perhaps it'd be best if you could give a us a brief idea of how you start playing any maps you are having trouble with?

But whatever you do, don't declare a map you find hard impossible here, or you'll have 10 people reply telling you they won gold it inside 5 years (game time) :-).



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Hello Bill:

Nice to know there is another granddad around here (and my father, a g-granddad, also plays, as does my granddaughter).

I tend to play the same half dozen maps over and over again.  Yes, I know them well.  I enjoy the challenge of seeing if I can find better track layouts, better ways across those horrible grades (I like mountain scenarios), and beating the scenario earlier than the last time.

Finding the right starting city is often critical.  You may have to start a scenario a dozen times or more before you find the right start point.

Have fun, and welcome aboard.

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Here's a link from James Stevens' (Jambo) RRT2 forum that gives a rather long and detailed first year walkthrough, among other things.


A shorter one would just tell you not to bother bulldosing track and to go immediately to diesels between Beijing and Heifi, then quickly expand that connecting other pairs of cities in a similar manner.

Do not neglect good managers, bond issues and stock issues. You'll have gold in no time and can do whatever else you want including industry development if you like that. you should have lots of $$ for extra track to minimize congestion as well.

I just redid all the the classic campaign scenarios on hard during the last couple of weeks to see how few engines they could be done with, and managed to do this one with only 3 engines, getting gold 10/60 (in a depression no less).

I think there is a writeup for #17 somewhere in this forum. #18 is supposed to be quite hard as well, but if you apply the same idea to it, its actually doable with 1 train. Don't be afraid to start new threads for either of these though if you need clues.


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