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Poland 1945 v2


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A short note to say that I've reposted this scenario (I'm half of Geoffrey & Steve Banks) after fixing an intermittent bug, namely the disappearing Auto plant.  One of PopTop's design features is to make unused industries vapourise if they're not used or you're simply slow getting round to them.  Well, it doesn't happen with this one any more! 

(The trick is to set up a separate company which owns the item in question).     

For anybody who's struggled with this scenario - we like them to be challenging operationally rather than financially - the best starting strategy is a line between Warsaw-Lodz and, as simultaneously as possible, between Krakow and the heavy industrial region to the west.   

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Please go ahead.  One of the pleasing things about RT2/TSC always was its huge learning curve and in this case, had I known what I know now....

The saddest part is that we worked up an enormous UK scenario for which Geoffey downloaded several satellite images and wrote a programme to fuse them.  It was the full Monty at 500x500 and gobsmackingly detailed... It was all there with features like Shap Summit...  The scenario was based on building Dreadnought battlesships at four dockyards before the First World War and was so big that it had additional levels of difficulty, Platinum and, er, Pewter!  Sadly both original and back-up copies were lost.  Yes, I could have wept....  :'(


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You're going to hate me for this because Dreadnoughts was actually finished but RT3 came along and all the websites dumped RT2 so there was nowhere for it to go!  Only later did this site bring back RT2 maps but then, alas, it was too late.  I never got on with RT3 and consider RT2 more satisfying. 

In Dreadnoughts you had to build the battleships at 4 dockyards, fit them with guns and ammo, fuel them, and then conduct a Review of the Fleet off Portsmouth!  For which the Royal Family had to be brought over from Buckingham Palace by Royal Train; bunting prepared for the celebrations; and so on.  I did send a beta version but email addresses changed and we lost contact - if anybody has a current contact for Lars Maischak please speak up!     

Steve ::)


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Lama (Lars) is a member at my forum. Quite possibly you could find him over there.

You could probably send an email to him through the forum. I'll check and see if I can reach him if you'd like.

Edit 1: I just emailed Lars. Let's see if he replies. I told him you were posting over here.

If not I might be able to catch him at a German RT3 site - Molse's

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Thanks for the feedback, gohawks.  Industries can diappear at any time if not owned and it can be one of PopTop's least liked aspects, but to go so very early is a right kick in the teeth.  I have played this scenario a lot and have never experienced this one so it's probably a 1:100 or 1:1000 chance, and you are unfortunately it!

A solution lies in my opening message and I would have done it but it never happened before and, as they say, older is wiser.  The odd thing about this scenario is that it varies quite a bit each time and always plays differently. 

Dead right about the briefing glitch but you mention but it's relatively small; other players please note!

I've taken time out re RT2 recently and must get back to it, and complete another Poland scenario based on 1968 when the Communist Bloc invaded Czechoslovakia.  He-he!       

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