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Connecting German States Problem

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I am playing the Easy mode of the Railroad Tycoon 3 "State of Germany".  This play calls for me to connect at least 7 German states for the Bronze.  Special conditions include:  All German states begin with a G - "Name".

However, when I try to connect a railroad from my state (Prussia) with another state I get the following: 'Invalid position.  You have no rights in G - Hanover  (or for that matter, any other state I choose to link to.)

What gives?? 

Harold Estep

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In that particular campaign you have to buy the rights to access the territories.

If you click on the Company Detail button (bottom left button) then click on the 'flag' at the bottom of that new list on the right you'll see some territories are green and some are pink. The pink ones are the territories you have to buy the access rights to. Just place you mouse cursor over one of the territories for the access price (shown at the bottom).

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Actually, that type of territory access set-up is quite common on RRT3 maps. With the exception of some scenario creators that set up different territory access options, you can pretty much count on checking your access choices the same way.  ;)

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