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Where is the Monk???

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>:( ???I've been playing RRT3 since it first came out and have enjoyed (more or less ;)) every game.

I have been able to get through OE and Africa on all settings but Expert.

I doubt that I'll even try.

When I first tried OE the monk showed up but haven't see him since. Hr doesn't show up on any setting(easy to hard) or regardless to which choise I make at the start,ie industry etc. Whats the trick? I've connected Zgab with Wein I've built and hauled meat in Russia and he just seems to stay in his cell or at daily prayers. What about the JV story?? It hasn't shown up as well. Any help? PLEASE!!!

Just a note, in one of the threads on how to win this game on hard it was recommended to wait towards the end and then run one new train on the flat track for the win. Someone was worried "What if the train breaksdown?" They were told that the chance of that happening was harder than lotto.  So there I was on a long run from the small C????town to the NW of Bukrest(SP) down and empty line to Bukrest with a new 2D2 electric, I should be so lucky at lotto. >:( :'( :'( >:(

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