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A door knob question??

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I sort of new at least in the downloading off the net. When I down load how do I get it into my game?  ??? ???

Do I hit run or save to files? ???

As far as I know I have the straight from the box RRT3. Which downloads to do first second etc.as far as patchs. Same question on map downloads. ???

Is it possible to turn off the Night? ???

RRT3 might be getting old but still provides hours of enjoyment.

Thanks for any help.


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First of all you need to get the right patch and expansion. You need the 1.05 patch and the Coast to Coast Expansion, both of which can be found here. Just scroll down a little ways on the page and you'll see them both. They can be installed in any order. Just click on the downloaded file and direct it to your installation of RRT3 (if different than default). Be warned though, the Coast to Coast download is about 119mb.

As for adding maps, just unzip the downloaded map zip file and copy/cut and paste the .gmp file into the "Maps" folder of the RRT3 main folder. That's all there is, unless you download a map that requires extras. Then just read the accompanying "Read Me" file to find out what needs to be done, although there's very few maps that require extras.

Hope that helps ya'.  :)

As far as I know there is no way to turn off the night.

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While you can't turn off the night (as far as I know), if you want to be able to see clearly at night to lay track or do something like that, you can turn on the "Brighter Nights" option.  This is available in the "Settings" screen or by clicking on the thing that looks like the watchamacallit that you pull on to turn on a lamp. This hangs down over the mini-map that the instruction manual calls the "radar map." 

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