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Around Cache Valley version 2

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The map is being emailed to the moderator as it will NOT load via the attach below.

This is the same map with the following changes and/or additions:

Warehouses and ports are far more restricted in number and location than before. There will now be no more than 1 where before there might have been 5 or more.

You can follow the original path of the Transcontinental Railroad by connecting, from west to east [or east to west], those towns and cities with a * after their name.  The western point is made up and named CP W Exit.  The list is as follows, from there east to Granger, Wyoming:

CP W Exit, Lucin, Bovine, Terrace, Matlin, Ombey, Kelton, Seco, Lake, Rozel, Kolmar, Balfour, Corrine, Bonneville, Ogden, Peterson, Morgan, Croydon, Echo, Emory, Wasatch, Evanston, Millis, Hilliard, Aspin, Tapioca, Piedmont, Leroy, Bridger, Carter, Hampton, Church Buttes, Garrett, Granger

The majority of these locations are very small as they were little more than junction or service points for the original railroad, and some no longer exist.

The winning conditions have been fixed up so that they work correctly, and the reporting in the newspaper and annual report have been fixed so that they too work correctly.  You can now start anytime between 1830 and 2000, and have 100 years to win the Gold whenever you start.

In multiplayer mode, it is similar but NOT identical. The first to connect two cities from the south-west to the north-east and another two cities from the north-west to the south-east and also meet the other requirements as stated will win the game.  Logan is NOT a required connection in multiplayer mode.

It will play differently every time you play it, and will play differently depending on which version of Railroad Tycoon 3 you are using.  I suspect that version 1.04 with its changes to the way the elevations change and where you can build are handled, when it comes out in a few weeks, will also make the game play very differently again.

To quote Kriss from Sussex, England

"Played CV starting 3 different dates & got 3 completely different games.

My advice, bottle & sell it, I am impressed.... thanks for hours of fun."

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